We will never forget

Past thought living in the future

Reminiscing on joys of past time
Aching pain because we can’t re-live them
Fond memories the only way to relive it
To alleviate
Pray for at least a moment to go back into time
Impossible so we try to create a semblance of yesteryear joy in the present time
For a moment I’m okay I feel fine
Because we all have the picture
A flash frozen moment when we were still together
Preserved, tucked in forever
But its made misty by all these years
A distant whisper of your voice makes it a bit refined
Suddenly your spiritual presence becomes more defined
I swear I see life in your eyes in that picture
I promise I can smell your Brut scent, that fragrance u wore, that you wear
Then it becomes crystal clear
You never left you still here
Living in the past, present & future.

R.I.P Dad We Love You! We will never forget

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