“Hurt people, Hurt people”

Hurt people Hurt people“Hurt people hurt people”

A sweet young woman is deeply in love. She trusts her man and for a while things go well even beyond her imagination! But then in a tragic turn of events the boyfriend abandons Sweet Young Woman. Sweet Young Woman’s fairytale like love life, sweet enough to see, feel & taste becomes the most bitter taste imaginable! It is sort of like broad midday turning into pitch black moon-less, star-less, street light-less  midnight in an instant!

The sweet young woman breaks down like the love she wants ran on. Its been days now and she can barely smile and maintain focus. Her mind easily wonders off to that sweet place her heart wants knew, that place that welcomed, held her and kept her warm, eased her stress, made her smile, happy to be alive basically, that place where her heart called home. Snapping out of this beautiful thought is a humiliating, tongue wagging, painful awakening affirming that all that now is a fond memory long gone but dearly lingering in her heart!

Finally Sweet Young Woman stumbles on some divine scripture and finds strength to build a semblance of moving on, an objective she struggles to achieve daily. She subconsciously  finds herself at that accident spot musing at the wreckage of what dear heart wants rode on. She tries one last time to put it all behind herself and to be resolute about it. So to achieve this, she decides to protect her heart from feeling for any other man in the near future, smart move?…………..Maybe, a good armour for her heart to keep it from breaking. understandable but is it the right strategy to see her through the rest of her life?

Anyway time goes by and along comes Cool Sweet Young Man. He meets Sweet Young Woman in what seems to be similar turn of events to those that led Sweet Young Woman to be heartbroken, “accidental”. Because its in her nature to be Young and Sweet like that freshly picked ripe peach, Young Sweet Woman connects with Cool Sweet Young Man. The two get along, Young man is enthralled, he had never imagined such a sweet person existed and Young woman reckons the same up until that sneaking thought of her “ex” reminds her that Young man is just another man in line to be inducted into the “elite” group of “ex-men” who vandalise Young Sweet Women’s hearts like hers. So Young woman goes all out and puts her guard on with all faculties on full alert!

Young man fails to understand how Young Sweet woman has turned all vile in an instant. Young man has recollection of a manhood lecture he happened to sit in at some guy hangout, “all women are the same, love them and they will break your heart” is the essence the lecture captured, and him being “sweet” he had chosen not to believe it but today he was face to face witnessing the practicality of the lecture. He was heartbroken!

The Young woman is only looking out for her rehabilitating heart and young man is the unfortunate casualty of an act of defence! This apparently has a ripple effect. The Young woman could be feeling strong and safe but when the ripple reaches the frontier it will bounce back in a mutated form, one that will subliminally sneak under  her radar undetected and the probable injuries to her heart are beyond conceivable.

This is just a love scenario contributing to the vicious cycle of  “hurt people, hurting people”. Where does it stop? 

Story by : Takwana Nhamo, Content Creator, Poet, Marketer

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“You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour” ~ Aristotle

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