Charles Hall on Love and Greatness

Charles Hall

Love and greatness

“The pursuit of love and greatness is a noble, exhilarating, uncomfortable, courageous, foolish, extremely gratifying, journey. If you are willing to experience rejection, setbacks, embarrassment, humiliation, failure, ridicule, imbalance, loneliness, heartbreak, disappointment, more failure, make sacrifices, dare fate and laugh, there is a good chance you can have the loves of your life and almost everything else you desire.

Define love for yourself and apply it to everything you do. Define greatness for yourself and work towards it in every living moment. Remove the word “can’t” from your vocabulary and stop making excuses for anything. Only complain when things are too easy. Challenge yourself. Stay out of your comfort zone. Refuse to let lesser minds stifle your growth. Hunt your dreams. Run from mediocrity. Celebrate the uniqueness of you. Commit to this way of life and you will create a world unlike anything anyone ever told you was possible.

This is not about being great at branding, advertising, strategy, interactive or any of the other communication arts. This is about being great at living.” ~ Charles Hall Creative Director, Copywriter, Writer, Filmmaker, Artist, Teacher, Coach.

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“Anybody can be famous. Fame is easy. Fame is cheap. Fame is fleeting. But try achieving Greatness. Greatness is hard. Greatness is lonely. Greatness is work. Greatness is humbling. Greatness is a responsibility. Greatness lasts forever.” ~ Charles Hall ~ African American Creative Director, Copywriter, Writer, Filmmaker, Artist, Teacher, Coach, Activist

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Magna Carta Art Work unveils.

Jay-Z’s Life + Times site has posted photos of the album cover, along with a message that reads: 

“Located in the United Kingdom, The Salisbury Cathedral, home to one of the four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta documents, has become the site which debuted JAY Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail album cover art. The installation will be on display at the Salisbury Cathedral Chapter House through the month of July.”

After much consideration, the RIAA has officially awarded Jay-Z’s album as a platinum selling project, despite Billboard’s decision to disregard bought albums. 

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be released globally on Tuesday, July 9. 


Magna Carta Holy Grail Album art work and tracklisting

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Jay – Z has revealed the art work and track listing of his upcoming new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”
The concept is extremely minimalist, featuring a black and white cover with initials for each of the four words in the album’s title. This cover is a well defined and pronounced contrast to the white instruments and musical equipment pictured on the front of his last album, “The Blueprint 3.”
Collaborative artists on the album have been revealed along with numerous lyric sheets for songs featured on the album. This includes the track “Oceans” with Frank Ocean.

Simultaneous to the album cover release is an updated track list for the project, which will be released first through Jay-Z’s Samsung app on Thursday. The album will then be released in full on Sunday.
Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams and Beyoncé will all make appearances on the album. 
The album’s updated track listing is as follows below:
1. Picasso Baby
2. Heaven
3. Versus
4. Tom Ford
5. Beach Is Better
6. F**kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (Feat. Rick Ross)
7. Oceans (Feat. Frank Ocean)
8. F.U.T.W.
9. Part II (On The Run) (Feat. Beyoncé)
10. BBC
11. La Familia
12. Jay-Z Blue
13. Nickles & Dimes
14. Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake)
15. Open Letter