Takwana on Love

Heart Splurge

“Love is best defined by oneself. It is one force that strikes people differently, but feels the same to each and every one. Love has a mind of its own, its own point of view shared by two. It is finding perfection buried beneath imperfection. It is what remains after infatuation burns out, its life from the ashes, its cushion for hard times, its what remains when flaws and shortcomings are shed light on. Love is impractical, illogical, it is senseless yet it makes sense to pursue it regardless of all logic staked up against it. It is more than a word to be said, or even expressed because we will always fall short and misrepresent it. Love is ageless, timeless, it is forgiveness. Love is Beautiful. Love is Eternal.” ~ Takwana Nhamo, Content Creator, Poet, Marketer